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Govardhana Puja + Go Puja festival

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Dear Devotees and friends of Krishna… the time has come to celebrate Krishna’s wonderful feats that so powerfully prove His being the Supreme Personality of Godhead eternally! Pls come as you are all most welcome!!!

“So in the Bhagavad-gita there is perfect instruction. And if we take it as it is and follow it, then we become perfect. To become perfect is not very difficult job. But because we don’t want to become perfect, because we want to be cheated, we do not become perfect. This is the difficulty. So we should know from the very beginning that Krsna is transcendental. And all His activities, they are all transcendental. Although Krsna appears just like ordinary human being… He does not appear like ordinary human being because Krsna, when He was three months old only, He killed the Putana raksasi. A three month’s old child cannot kill such giant demon. It is not possible. Krsna, when He was six or seven years old, He lifted the Govardhana Hill. So what is the difficulty for Krsna? If Krsna can float big, big gigantic planets in the air just like cotton swab floating, so is it very difficult for Krsna to lift a mountain with His hand, with His finger? That is not difficult for Krsna. But those who want to be cheated, when Krsna shows His transcendental strength, they don’t believe it, another cheating.”

This festival is a great occasion to feed all the vaisnavas with sumptuous prasadam and thus get their and the Lord’s blessings. If you wish to sponsor the prasadam hill or the feast or both, just donate through the website or give it directly to us in the temple… But let us know by writing to

Hare Krishna